DBX 231s Dual Channel 31-Band Graphic Equalizer

DBX 231s Dual Channel 31-Band Graphic Equalizer

HEY EVERYBODY! First I wanted to say hey to everyone, my name is JP Huff and I’ll be posting about some gear that will make your live performances better! Whether it’s school plays or a rock show, the products I’ll be going through are great and most of the time affordable for the quality! SO LET’S GET STARTED, YEAH?

231s_Front_LargeThe one thing I see now, especially in basic school PA systems, is the lack of quality in speakers. Everyone is trying to over EQ things on the channel, or they wonder “What’s that mid range buzz?”. Then they will either give up, or proceed to think that it’s broken. Most of the time, it’s not broke. It just needs some love! That’s why owning a good GRAPHIC EQUALIZER is a must. One of my favorites are the DBX 231’s. It’s a 31-Band EQ fit for almost any setting and any speaker. Some graphic EQ’s, you really need to get the switch up or down to make a difference, but not here. Every time I use this model, the slightest move makes a difference. Oh, there’s a terrible low end hum? Taking out a few dB of the 60-200 range will fix that. Crazy feedback on your monitors? Pick the frequency and curve it out then BOOM, it’s gone. So I hope you young engineers see this and realize, “Maybe I should grab one and bring it with me to shows when they don’t have one” because more times then not, you’ll walk away with a little bigger smile and a little better mix.

JP Huff



  1. How I use this dbx 231s

    • Hello Ashish — the different switches correspond to different frequencies. Push the switch up and it will boost that frequency. Push it down and it will cut the frequency. Thanks for reading!

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