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Arturia FX Collection 2

Arturia FX Collection 2 is packed with more effects ‘you’ll actually use’

After nearly a year and a half since Arturia debuted its FX Collection, a newly updated package is finally here. Since its release at the top of 2020, FX Collection has been coveted by producers and musicians alike. It offered a wide palette of effects to use and enjoy, from compressors and EQ’s, to reverbs and delays, all for a reasonable price. Now, Arturia brings us FX Collection 2. Featuring all plugins from the original version, with an additional seven extra tacked on. Here’s everything you should expect from Arturia’s FX Collection 2.

Arturia FX Collection 2

Because this new collection brings newcomers along, Arturia categorized it into a set of categories. This includes bus FX, modulations, compressors, delays, reverbs, filters, and preamps. As mentioned above, the bulk of Arturia FX Collection 2 includes the 15 plugins from last year’s set. However, Arturia is no stranger to re-releasing software a year or so at a time with a few new additions. This time, FX Collection 2 brings onboard the likes of seven unique plugins. Including, for example, the Bus Force parallel processor with a filter, EQ, compressor and more. Additionally, FX Collection 2 brings us Comp-Diode 69 — a Neve-like stereo compressor, and Chorus Jun-6. The latter of which borrowing the chorus section of its latest Juno 106 synth clone included in V Collection 8. Finally, FX Collection 2 offers new preamp options for its Delay Tape-201, a load of 200 new FX presets, and enhanced tutorials.

Considering everything Arturia added and offers with its revamped FX Collection, users will have quite a lot to enjoy. Arturia’s asking price is $399 for US customers for this latest FX bundle, however for a limited time, it is being offered for $299. Either way you swing it, there is some heavy value in this collection, and we’d wager it’ll be well worth picking up for those considering it. To learn more about Arturia’s FX Collection 2, or to buy it for yourself, check out the company website right here.

Jimmy Byrne

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