Your home gear collection may be worth more than you think, according to Reverb

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If you’ve ever thought about selling off some old equipment, but then stopped short, thinking it might not be worth much, think again. According to new estimations from the in-house music gear experts at, those old instruments collecting dust may be worth way more than you’d imagine. Anything from guitars, drums, and synthesizers, to home studio interfaces could have a big market resale value, no matter how many years old they are. Here, we’ll break down these new findings and see just how much accumulated value the average music hobbyist and regular has in their collection. Findings

In a recent finding after crunching some numbers, the experts at the online music marketplace Reverb deciphered how much monetary value the average music enthusiast has based on their home collections. In their findings, they noted that the average casual, at-home guitarist has an estimated $2,142 worth of sellable gear at home, according to en email from a Reverb spokesperson. On the flip side, the more well-rounded hobbyist and recordist, according to Reverb’s report, has about $2,818 worth of equipment at home. Of course, these numbers are just estimates, and everybody should take them in as such. The gear you have at home could be worth more or less, of course. You can see a list of the data Reverb assumed users had at the bottom of this article.

Alongside this report, Reverb suggests that viewers who are looking to re-sell old gear should do so using its website. According to expert Jim Tuerk, “If you have an old guitar in your basement or attic – even one in your rig that’s just not inspiring you anymore – sell, and fast,” he advised. “High-end vintage guitar collectors are scooping up and selling rare finds quickly, and that’s good news for the average guitarist who could be sitting on a gold mine.”

With this in mind, of course, one should take these numbers, again, with some skepticism. We would not recommend jumping and rushing into making sales on gear you don’t actually want to get rid of. Because it’s quite likely the sales could end up going through for much less than Reverb’s estimate suggests. However, if this estimate lights a fire in you to finally sell off some gear that just doesn’t get used anymore, by all means, go reap the rewards. You can sell your own gear right from Reverb’s website.

The Average Casual, At-Home Guitarist’s setup, as estimated by Reverb:

The Average Musician’s setup, as estimated by Reverb: