The Korg SQ-64 is a full 64-step sequencer ready to handle complex beats

For quite a long while, Korg’s SQ-1 sequencer sat at the top shelf of sequencing products available on the market. That is, until others such as Arturia and Behringer, among others, topped them off with products of their own. In the meantime however, it seems Korg has been hard at work on another sequencer to bring us all into the modern age. The Korg SQ-64, coming early in 2021, is a compact sequencing box that squeezes in a full array of 64-steps. When paired with its other impressive features on board, this is going to be a difficult unit for many hardware beat producers to turn down.

Korg SQ-64 Features

Aside from its full grid of 64 pads, Korg loaded its new SQ-64 with much more to love. For instance, it is a fully polyphonic system capable of playing back multiple tones at once, per pad. Users can interact with the interface in either of two ways. First, as the standard 64-step sequencer, or alternately as individual pads which can trigger any sounds upon a push. Alternately, the inclusion of a full 64-pad system completely eliminates any need for shifting between pages. Allowing for seamless beat creation process, every single time.

The Korg SQ-64 offers up to four playable tracks, labeled A-D. The first three, (A-C), include pitch, gate, and modulation CV outputs. Whereas the last group, D, contains eight CV trigger outputs for drums. Users who prefer to work with MIDI, however, will have the ability for up to 16 outputs here. Another very unique inclusion from Korg, is the sequencer’s ‘shift’ function. When shift is selected, users open up the ability to many more performance controls. Including track muting, changing or randomizing the sequence direction, and adjusting time divisions.

Overall, with the introduction of the SQ-64, Korg certainly re-entered the race for best hardware sequencers available today. Even more importantly, it stands as a fierce new competitor to others in terms of affordability. Although still a preorder, most online Korg dealers have the SQ-64 available for just $299. For more information, and a fully-detailed specs list, check out the product page on Korg’s website. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing what everyone has to say about the SQ-64 sequencer once it begins shipping next year.