Get Eventide’s $99 Quadravox harmonizer plugin free for a limited time

Quality harmonizer plugins that double and detune your tracks to fill up space can be hard to come by. Even some of the most affordable ones on the market nowadays can, when stretched too far, make your vocals or keys sound grainy and far from smooth. These issues seem to be some of the main points Eventide set out to combat when it created its Quadravox harmonizer plugin. And for a limited time, until Wednesday, October 30th, an exciting offering from Audio Plugin Deals is bumping its normal $99 price down 100% to absolutely free.

The Eventide Quadravox plugin works similarly to any other harmonizer out there, with even more visuals and features to enjoy. With it, you can take your selected track, and expand it into up to four separate parts. When activated, each part’s volume level and pan can be adjusted independently within the plugin itself, tossing away the need to create more tracks within your DAW. Additionally, you get the ability to manually adjust an optional delay time and feedback amount for each part. This adds a whole new level to the plugin in that it can work as a standalone simple delay, without any harmonization if you want it to.

One of the coolest parts, visually, of the Quadravox plugin from Eventide, is the notation grid towards the bottom. Here, you can see all of your parts notated out on a grand staff to harmonize them with a visual aid. This is especially helpful for those who, for example, know they would like to harmonize with a major third, but don’t know how many cents that equates to. This way, they know what they want, and can see it laid out in front of them on the staff. All in all, Eventide‘s Quadravox offers not only a great sounding harmonizer on its own, but by including several delay processing features, and a more in-depth way to fine tune your harmonizations, we’d consider this a deal you won’t want to pass up. Once again, Quadravox is typically $99 through Eventide, but when paired with this amazing 100% discount through Audio Plugin Deals running until October 30th, if you don’t take advantage, you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t when you had the chance.