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Fender American Original New Colors

Fender brings six new color finishes to the American Original Series

Fender has just announced plans to introduce a total of six new color finishes to its American Original Series guitars. These six colors are model-specific to the guitars shown here, and unfortunately can not have their finishes applied to another model. With that said, the American Original Series was initially introduced in 2018, and has sat stagnant for a couple of years now — so a fresh new palette of available colors is quite welcome.

The new finishes available include the Ice Blue Metallic 60’s Jazzmaster, Inca Silver 50’s Stratocaster, Daphne Blue 60’s Jaguar, Burgundy Mist Metallic 60’s Telecaster, Aztec Gold 50’s Precision Bass, and the Vintage White 70’s Jazz Bass. Depending on your model and specs of choice, these will cost anyone ranging $1,949 – $2,149 from your local Fender authorized dealer. Below, we’ll break down each new available option individually.

Ice Blue Metallic 60’s Jazzmaster

Ice Blue Metallic 60s Jazzmaster

Here, we get a new take of color on the classic Jazzmaster body. The new Ice Blue color option provides a refreshing look to the Jazzmaster, especially when offset by the classic dark brown, marble pickguard. When staged up here in the picture, it also appears to have a nice metallic shimmer when under light, which will be a nice touch on the stage.

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Inca Silver 50’s Stratocaster

Inca Silver 50s Stratocaster

With the most simplistic look of the bunch, to us, we get a silver, shimmery coat of paint added to the Stratocaster’s body. This is completed with the classic white Strat pickguard laying on top, and no other changes to the layout. However, silver doesn’t necessarily mean bad! If this is a style you’ve been looking for from Fender for a while, then you’re definitely in luck.

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Daphne Blue 60’s Jaguar

Daphne Blue 60s Jaguar

Sporting a ligher, softer blue color, the Daphne Blue 60’s Jaguar definitely stands out as smooth-edged to the eyes. However, anyone who has plugged in a Jaguar before knows they can definitely pack a punch. This model looks super appealing, and we definitely are fans of the creamy look – especially when you take the off-white, eggshell pickup color into consideration.

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Burgundy Mist Metallic 60’s Telecaster

Burgundy Mist Metallic 60s Telecaster

This one definitely sits on the list as another of our biggest favorites of these new colors. Similarly to the Stratocaster above, this one shines brightest in its simplicity. You get a typical Telecaster build that we’ve all come to love, topped off with a nice coat of warm burgundy paint.

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Aztec Gold 50’s Precision Bass

Aztec Gold 50s Precision Bass

This one is definitely the new finish of the bunch that pops to the eye the most. This all-gold paint job will definitely serve a major purpose on stage to those bass players who might want a little something to help them stand out from the band. When matched with the power the Precision Bass can provide, this model definitely brings the looks and the personality.

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Vintage White 70’s Jazz Bass

Vintage White 70s Jazz Bass

Finally, the Vintage White 70’s Jazz Bass caps off Fender’s list of new American Original Series colors. This creamy, eggnog type color is definitely fitting to the sound of the Jazz bass. It’s overall pretty neutral, but can definitely bring some flair if you need it to. With the brown, marble style pickguard resting on top, we are reminded of mixing our morning coffee. And perhaps when plugged in, this bass will give us the jolt we needed.

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