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NAMM 2020: Avid announces folders are coming with Pro Tools 2020 update

Day one of NAMM 2020 is well underway, and to kick things off right, Avid delivered us news on the future of Pro Tools this year. Shortly after the convention center doors opened, Avid representatives were proudly standing around its booth to show off what will be an upcoming ‘Pro Tools 2020′ update. The main attractive feature of this update coming soon can be summarized in one word — folders.

In Pro Tools 2020, users will be able to select any amount of tracks desired, and put them into folders. When a folder is created, it condenses the normal view of clips in the edit window, into a much more consolidated view, not unlike the look of the timeline selector and navigator we already have at the top. These new folders will make it much simpler for engineers to quickly create a sub-mix, and then navigate elsewhere, without having to continually scroll if the session contains a multitude of tracks.

The new folders within Pro Tools 2020 can be used for the easy arrangement of regular tracks, or even used with auxiliary buses. As an additional feature, when a folder is created, users can highlight anywhere within that folder on any amount of tracks, and copy/paste them quickly. Where before, users would have to scroll up and down selecting individual clips desired to copy and paste, this now can be done with a single click and drag motion.

Aside from its folders feature, minor bug fixes and other improvements will be included with this new update as well. Avid just announced Pro Tools’ 2020 update on day one of NAMM, and has not yet announced an official release date. However its’ representatives say affirmatively that it will be “coming soon.” While we can’t say quite what that means, we at least know you won’t have to wait long to create all of the folders of your hearts content.

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