The new Arturia V Collection 7 is a new lineup of vintage keyboard recreations

Arturia has been playing a major role in the manufacturing of keyboards, synthesizers, and software instruments for a while now, and its products have been widely popularized among musicians and engineers. The Arturia V Collection has long been a great way to get a collection of the company’s best emulations and software offerings — and the company has finally unveiled the seventh iteration of the collection, called the Arturia V Collection 7.

Arturia launched the V Collection 7, which offers 24 software instruments, with a series of emulators that are designed to bring out the essential tones out of their inspiration hardware units. Included in the collection are some emulations of big names that have been used throughout music history: Wurlitzer, Mellotron, the Rhodes Stage Piano, the Hammond B3 organ, popular EMS synths, and many more keyboards and synths that people love. Having this collection puts all of these famed instruments directly under the fingertips of consumers routed through any MIDI keyboard.

When compared to its predecessor, the Arturia V Collection 6, the seventh edition’s package offers four brand new software instruments. These include the “CZ V,” a reimagining of the classic CZ keyboards from Casio, and “Synthi V,” which takes off where the tones of EMS’ legendary 3-oscillator analog synths left off. Outside of synthesizers, the V Collection 7 also includes the Mellotron V which self-explanatorily emphasizes and draws from the classic tones of the popular Mellotron used widely in the 1960s. And finally, the “B3 V 2,” which excites the tones of Hammond’s B3 organ and puts them right at your fingertips.

The Arturia V Collection 7 was launched with a retail price of $499, which may seem pricy to some. However, when you take into consideration the amount of tones you’ll be able to access, and the time that must have been taken by the engineers at Arturia to capture the energies of these classic keyboards — it seems like a fair price overall. With that said, you are in luck for a limited time, as Arturia has launched this new exciting collection with a special introductory price that shaves a full $100 off, bringing it down to just $350. Interested in the Arturia V Collection 7 for yourself? You can get it straight from Sweetwater.