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The Universal Audio “Spark” is a mysterious new product that will be released next week

Universal Audio has a long history of building anticipation for new products with vague teasers. This time around, the company isn’t changing that model up at all. Recently, Universal Audio launched a teaser video about its latest product, called “Spark.” Unfortunately, in typical UA fashion, the audio giants didn’t leave us much information at all to run with in its teaser. But let’s dive in to see what, if anything, we can take from it.

Universal Audio Spark

This new “Spark” product, whatever it is, certainly seems exciting enough to have warranted the stunning geometrical floral design its teaser brought up. In the product teaser, Universal Audio didn’t even reveal a flash of the new product, nor any information regarding it. All we got was the design with some text at the end revealing the “Spark” name, as well as the fact that more information will come on March 30th.

Although we don’t get much information directly from the teaser, it is stirring up plenty of conversation from UAD fans. Diving into the video’s comment section specifically, lots of people are speculating what Spark could be. One of the most popular fan theories is that Spark will bring a new solution to users looking to run UAD plugins natively. Until now, UAD has only offered the option to run its plugins via DSP. So, a new native option would definitely spark some joy in many users who haven’t been able to run UAD plugins in their setups.

One other popular comment has been the possibility of Spark offering a new cloud-based suite for its plugins as an alternative to native. Either way, we will definitely get an answer about Spark next week. When that happens, you can rest assured that we will inform you as soon as we get the word on our end.

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