Lauten Audio is selling five limited edition LT-386 microphones for cancer research

Eden LT-386 Limited Edition

Fans of Lauten Audio now have a rare opportunity to snag a quality mic, and benefit cancer research at the same time. The company recently took to, where it started an auction of five limited-edition versions of its Eden LT-386 tube microphones. These five particular mics sport a ‘pink cerakote’ design, including all the same internals and specs as the regularly manufactured LT-386. Each microphone is listed on Reverb at $3,599 — and while this price is substantial, Lauten certainly has a reputation for its ultra-high quality designs.

Additionally, 100% the gross proceeds of this sale will be distributed to the following charities: the ARMC Foundation Pink Ribbon Fund, the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the Sarcoma Alliance. We’ll detail a bit more about this microphone below, and if you find yourself convinced to buy, you can do so at this link here.

Lauten Audio Eden LT-386 Microphone

The Lauten Audio Eden LT-386 is an ultra-high quality large diaphragm tube mic that promises different tonal qualities instantly. Users can change this multi-voicing effect using an installed switch to flip between its ‘gentle,’ ‘neutral,’ or ‘forward’ settings. The gentle setting delivers a dark and sultry feel with vintage qualities, where the ‘neutral’ setting is smooth and earthy with a natural balance of sibilance. Finally, the ‘forward’ position delivers a bolder, and present approach without too much harshness. Eden LT-386’s diaphragm contains Lauten’s exclusive 38mm capsule housed in a brass enclosure, with a nickel-plated crown.

When in use, the Eden LT-386 can pick up signal in either cardioid, figure-8, or omnidirectional settings. Between this, and its multi-voicing capabilities onboard, the LT-386 seems to be a great go-to microphone for versatility. Each unit purchased ships out with its own flight case and power supply, with included 5-pin and IEC cables for easy hookup. Of course, we’d encourage anybody interested to first check out the Reverb listing above so the proceeds can go straight to good causes. However, if you happen to miss the opportunity, you can learn more about the Eden LT-386, or find out purchasing info on Lauten Audio’s website.