The Rob Papen RP-Reverse is a new plugin that gives new light to audio reversal

We are all familiar with audio reversal — it’s an effect that has been used countless times as a modern music production technique that gives an eery feel to any piece of music. Up until now, however, audio reversal has been pretty basic. You reverse a clip, and manually manipulate it until the desired effect is achieved. Now, Rob Papen has turned this idea completely on its head with a brand new plugin, the Rob Paper RP-Reverse.


The RP-Reverse gives the user a whole new way of maneuvering through audio reversal in a creative setting. This new plugin can keep a chosen “recorded” audio clip and allow its effects to be snapped to the tempo grid of music behind it, all in house. The sample that the user wants to reverse can also be offset to fit the grid even more properly, and the reversed sample can be repeated for as many or as few bars as the user wishes. Additionally, with even more built-in effects, the reversed sample can even have a distortion or an LFO applied to it completely in-house, and without the need for an external plugin to provide it.

In its most basic form, the user “records” a specific chunk of existing audio into the plugin itself which will be chosen as the sample that needs to be reversed. This sample then appears at the top section of waveforms in the plugin’s display, in blue. The direct reversed signal will immediately appear visually below it, and based on the desired tempo map for when the reversed sample will play, you will see that to the display’s right side in the black background section. Aside from all of this, there are a lot more fine details and in-depth features to cover with the RP-Reverse plugin from Rob Papen, and all of that can be discovered simply through using the plugin for yourself.

The Rob Papen RP-Reverse is available now as an AU, AAX and VST 64-bit plugin, and can be downloaded using the links below. If you’re someone who would rather try before you buy, Rob Papen has also given users the opportunity to try a demo of the plugin before making the decision to purchase it for the low price of just $39 — and for all of that audio reversal power at your fingertips, that seems like quite a bargain.

Where to buy:

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