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Native Instruments Discontinued Products 2020

Native Instruments is discontinuing a number of plugins — here’s the full list

Native Instruments has just announced in a statement that it will be discontinuing support on a long list of products. The list consists of a variety of software instruments and native plugins being shuffled out due to their dated natures. On May 31st and beyond, users will no longer be able to re-download, re-purchase, or re-install these pieces of software on a new computer.

Otherwise, ones that are already installed on a computer can still be used, but no further support will be granted for these older versions. Discontinued products include those under the Native Instruments brand, along with some East West products, and more

The discontinuation coincides with the end of Native Instruments‘ Service Center tool — meaning that if you haven’t already switched to the Native Access platform, now is the time to do so. And, it’s important to note that any products that that are already installed and activated can continue being used.

Here is a full list of products and manufacturers that will be affected by the upcoming change:

Product Brand
Absynth 2 Native Instruments
Absynth 3 Native Instruments
Absynth Sounds Volume 1 Native Instruments
AC-Box Combo Native Instruments
Akoustik Piano (before 1.1.0) Native Instruments
B4 Native Instruments
B4 II Native Instruments
Bandstand Native Instruments
Battery Native Instruments
Battery 2 Native Instruments
Battery Studio Drums Native Instruments
Electronic Instruments 2 XT Native Instruments
Elektrik Piano (before 1.5) Native Instruments
FM7 Native Instruments
Guitar Combos Native Instruments
Guitar Rig Native Instruments
Guitar Rig 2 Native Instruments
Intakt Native Instruments
Kompakt Native Instruments
Kompakt Sony ACID Pro Native Instruments
Komplete 2 Native Instruments
Kontakt 1.0 Native Instruments
Kontakt 2 Native Instruments
NI Essentials Native Instruments
NI Spectral Delay Native Instruments
Plex Combo Native Instruments
Pro-52 Native Instruments
Pro-53 Native Instruments
Reaktor 2.3 Native Instruments
Reaktor 3 Native Instruments
Reaktor 4 Native Instruments
Reaktor 5 (before Native Instruments
Reaktor Electronic Instruments Native Instruments
Reaktor Electronic Instruments 2 Native Instruments
Reaktor Session Native Instruments
Studio Collection Native Instruments
Traktor DJ Studio 3 Native Instruments
Traktor DJ (from 2001) Native Instruments
Traktor DJ Studio Native Instruments
Traktor DJ Studio 2 Native Instruments
Traktor DJ Studio 2.x Native Instruments
Traktor FS 1.5 Native Instruments
Traktor FS 1.5 Native Instruments
Traktor FS 2 Native Instruments
Traktor Hercules Native Instruments
Twang Combo Native Instruments
Vokator Native Instruments
Boesendorfer290 East West
Colossus East West
EWQLSO Gold Ed East West
EWQLSO Gold Ed Pro XP East West
EWQLSO Silver Ed East West
EWQLSOSilver Ed Pro XP East West
Hardcore Bass East West
Hardcore Bass XP East West
Percussive Adventures East West
PSP Adrenaline East West
PSP Drumkit From Hell 2 East West
PSP Percussive Adventures 2 LE East West
PSP Stormbreaks East West
PSP Vapor East West
Ra East West
SO Brass East West
SO Brass Pro XP East West
SO Percussion East West
SO Percussion Pro XP East West
SO Strings East West
SO Strings Pro XP East West
SO Woodwinds East West
SO Woodwinds Pro XP East West
Stormdrum East West
Stormdrum Intakt East West
Symphonic Choirs East West
Artist Drums Best Service
Artist Grooves Best Service
Chris Hein Horns Best Service
Classical Collection Best Service
Cult Sampler Best Service
Ethno World 3 Complete Best Service
Galaxy Steinway Best Service
Galaxy Steinway 5.1 Best Service
Latin World Best Service
Orient World Best Service
String Essentials Best Service
Altered States Zero-G
Analogue Sequencer Loops Zero-G
Beats Working in Cuba Zero-G
Morhology Zero-G
Nostalgia Zero-G
Outer Limits Zero-G
PSP Afrolatin Slam Zero G
PSP Koncept & Function Zero-G
PSP Nu Jointz Zero-G
PSP Vol 7 The Operating Table Zero-G
PSP Wired – The Elements of Trance Zero-G
Sounds of the 70s Zero-G
Sounds of Polynesia Zero-G
Vocal Forge Zero-G
Celtic Instruments Big Fish Audio
First Call Horns Big Fish Audio
London Solo Strings Big Fish Audio
Raging Guitars Big Fish Audio
Garritan Jazz Garritan
Garritan Personal Orchestra Garritan
Virtual Grand Piano Art Vista
CM Session Computer Music
Future Loops Future Music
Virtual Drumline 2 Tap Space


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