Gramotech releases Babylon, a stunning new graphic EQ plugin with a slim pricetag

Gramotech Babylon EQ

Gramotech, a smaller scale, independent company based out of the UK known for its high-end and low-cost plugins have just pulled back the curtain on a new product. The company’s most recent effort is the Gramotech Babylon — a colorful, intuitive and extremely user-friendly equalizer providing a smooth, musical EQ tone to any input signal. The best part? It comes at a fraction of the price you might expect to pay for a different plug-in of its variety, but more on that later.


The hot-off-the-line Babylon EQ from Gramotech is packed full of many features and an in-depth system that is not typically found on other plug-ins of its variety. A control panel sits to the left-hand side of the interface where the user can adjust the frequency, gain or Q amount of the selected interface band. Also included is a virtual “on/off” switch to allow the engineer the flexibility to allow signal to pass through the plugin without making any adjustments. Across the frequency spectrum are 6 color-coded bands that can be selected and modified individually. Visually, the plugin is quite colorful, assigning a ‘ROYGBV’ (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet) color to each band of the spectrum from low to high, respectively.

Each spectrum also comes with its own set of 8 individual control types:

  • Low-Pass
  • High-Pass
  • Band-Pass
  • Band-Stop
  • Low-Shelf
  • High-Shelf
  • Parametric (Allows amplitude control for frequencies around the center band.)
  • All Pass (Allows all frequencies to pass without alteration but flips the phase of each frequency above the cutoff.)

The Gramotech Babylon EQ is currently only available in VST/VST3/AU plugin formats, which is a downside for all you ProTools using readers out there. All things considered, this plugin includes 48 frequency-specific controls all in a neat, colorful package which is a win for any user who wants to pick this amazing new piece of gear up.


As mentioned before, Gramotech has made the Babylon EQ available at a price anybody can feel good about. In fact, one of the company’s written goals includes that they want to make “some of the most affordable audio plugins on the market.” Right now, you can download a copy of the Gramotech Babylon for yourself on the company’s website for just £10, or around $13.13. And no, that’s not a typo. If you’re looking for an awesome new VST or AU plugin to add to your collection, go make this your next stop — we guarantee it will be a purchase you won’t regret.