Believe in Music 2022: Use pro microphones while streaming on-the-go with Mackie M-Caster Live

Ever wanted to stream using your phone outside, while using a professional handheld mic, but not had many solutions? Well problem solved, thanks to Mackie’s latest product, launched during Believe in Music 2022. With this portable mini-mixer, content creators can easily stream from a handheld device, while using a professional XLR microphone as the input. Additionally, M-Caster comes packed with plenty of effects options dedicated to each channel. With that said, let’s dive into those, and everything else the Mackie M-Caster brings to the table.

Mackie M-Caster Portable Mixer

The Mackie M-Caster is an interface, and portable mixer all in one succinct package. On the front end, an XLR jack awaits any microphone its owner may choose to plug in. Of course, Mackie armed this box with optional phantom power for mics that need it. Additionally, a set of three 1/8″ audio jacks are set up to receive audio from a headset mic, a phone, or external instrument. All of which, it’s user can adjust from the M-Caster’s set of three mini-channel strips. The initial channel strip is dedicated to whichever microphone is plugged in, where the second strip adjusts any line-level signals.

M-Caster also offers the ability to connect, and group FX plugins in real time, using Accusonus plugins. Users can install, load and easily apply these plugins when connecting the device to a laptop, per se. Of course, Mackie wouldn’t leave buyers completely empty-handed here. Which is why, each purchase of its M-Caster comes with perpetual licenses to both Accusonus’ ERA Voice Leveler and De-Esser plugins. Finally, a set of six voice-changer effects comes pre-installed on this portable broadcast mixer as well.

It’s quite clear that this new product solves many problems which on-the-go content creators face daily. With this many features, Mackie definitely has truly outdone itself with M-Caster. To learn more about the new Mackie M-Caster, check out its website. Or, if you’re ready, you can pick one up for yourself starting today at $259, in either black or white.