Alesis releases Strike MultiPad percussion pad just in time for the holidays

If your hope during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and discounts being announced left and right by big names in music gear was to find the perfect percussion pad, but couldn’t find one that included all of the features you were looking for, your wait is officially over. The day of thanksgiving, Alesis released a brand new percussion pad that is the first of its kind — complete with a sampler, editor, and a built-in audio interface.


The all-new Alesis Strike MultiPad comes jam-packed out of the box, and includes a surprising amount of extra features and abilities for such a slim machine. With 32GB of internal storage, this machine can be loaded with a multitude of drum patches, instrument samples or even loops, providing the perfect tool for your band to bring on tour and be as prepared as possible for every setlist.

The Strike MultiPad also comes equipped with a 2in-2out audio interface which is equipped for both MIDI and USB – and also comes with its own sampler and editor built in as well. Samples can be captured by the interface, a microphone or any other instrument you’re able to plug into it.

As for the percussion pad itself, it is equipped with 9 velocity sensitive pads. 6 larger square pads and 3 rectangular pads towards the top for a more drum rimshot type of feel. RGB lights are also underneath every pad, and they can each be customized by the user in any way needed. And if all of that information is not enough for you to make your decision, the Alesis Strike MultiPad also ships with included copies of ProTools | First as well as Ableton Live Lite.


For such a new and intuitive device, it’s no question at all that Alesis is asking for a hefty price before it sends you your own Strike Multipad. You can pick up your very own at the price of $699, which is a savings in and of itself, given that the MSRP price is set at a whopping $1,299.