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Moog MF-104M Delay Pedal

Moog has revamped a very limited production on the MF-104M delay pedal

Fans of the what Moog has put out over the years will be happy to know this news: The widely popular MF-104M analog delay pedal, which has been out of production for years now, is now back in production — but for a very limited time. The delay pedal has been out of production since 2015, which left a lot of users and potential buyers a little frustrated. Now, it appears as though Moog has decided to revamp the pedal — but you might have to travel a bit to get your hands on one.

The Moog MF-104M is one of the most sought-after analog delay pedals on the market. Along with the typical delay time and feedback amount knobs, it also offers a section dedicated to an LFO indicator and features related to it, such as selecting the exact rate or desired delay amount needed. Additionally, the pedal gives users the option to tune in a ‘drive’ amount and even includes a ‘mix’ knob to blend the effect with the dry signal. Finally, the MF-104M includes two foot switches, allowing the user to enter in a tap tempo for the analog delay signal to tune itself to, and a bypass function to easily turn the pedal’s functions off when needed.

For a pedal that offers all of these exciting features which combine with the classic analog tone that only Moog can offer in their products, it’s no question that this pedal was a hot commodity in the first place. Although it is back on the market, it seems as though the Moog MF-104M pedal will only be available from the Moog store in Asheville, North Carolina — at least for the time being. If you’re willing to make the trek, or if you happen to live relatively native to North Carolina, this will be an offer you’ll want to get your hands on while they are still available. Otherwise, stay heavily tuned in to see if Moog opens the market up more, or just browse around to see if you can get your hands on a used model of the popular delay pedal.

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