Adam Audio

Adam Audio was founded in 1999 as a premium speaker company, and since then has been building top-quality speakers for professional studios around the...[Read More]


Toontrack is a Swedish music software company best known for their drum samping software and sample libraries, such as EZDrummer and Superior Drummer ...[Read More]


BrainWorx is a plugin company that is part of the Plugin Alliance group, and is known for a number of very high quality plugins.


Audified is an audio effects and software company that is best known for products such as AmpLion and Gallien. Founded in 1999 under the name Audiffex...[Read More]


Arturia is a French company that specializes in MIDI controllers and software instruments. They are also known for creating a number of emulators of c...[Read More]

Ableton AG

Ableton AG is a music software company based in Berlin, Germany, best known for its Ableton Live software. They are also known for Ableton Suite, as w...[Read More]