The Seymour Duncan Jupiter is a new Wes Hauch signature rails-type pickup

At the height of the new year, and amidst a sea of companies coming forward to announce their exciting new pieces of gear ahead of NAMM 2019 at the end of the month, Seymour Duncan has now thrown its name in the ring with a new signature model pickup for 7-string guitars. The new Jupiter is a humbucker pickup with a rails design, made at the preference and request of its newest signature artist, Wes Hauch.

For those unfamiliar, Hauch is known best as a prominent guitar player within the metal genre who has been active in the industry for over a decade. Over the years he has been a member of both The Faceless and Black Crown Initiate and has built quite a reputation for himself within the metal community. Therefore it comes as no surprise that he has now teamed up with Seymour Duncan for this project.


The Seymour Duncan Jupiter pickup is loaded with extra powerful pieces of technology, which came at the request of Hauch, who wanted to achieve his ideal tone and fit his very clean-yet-intricate playing technique. Among the requested features was rails-type humbucker pickup, which are a pair of stainless steel bars that lie clean across the pickup’s surface. The magnet is made of ceramic, and it includes a very finely-tuned high output wind. As a result, the output tone produces a mid-range-focused attack that also has an aggressive bite to accentuate clarity. Finally, the company notes that the Jupiter includes a 500k Seymour Duncan original potentiometer.

Since this is just a teaser announcement, we expect that there are even more features in the Seymour Duncan Jupiter that have yet to be announced. So, we look forward to hearing what other exciting tech is included in this brand new line of pickups.

Price and availability

This special announcement came in the form of a video uploaded to Seymour Duncan’s official YouTube channel, which allows you to hear first-hand how aggressive and powerful the Jupiter is, at the hand of Wes Hauch himself. Along with the announcement came a dedicated page on Seymour Duncan’s website with more details about the Jupiter, and a note that there is currently no scheduled availability or shipment date aligned with this release, though there is a form encouraging people to sign up for Seymour Duncan’s e-mail list to be among the first to know when the Jupiter will be available for shipping. In the meantime, we look forward to hearing more about the Seymour Duncan Jupiter, and we fully expect them to be on display later this month at NAMM 2019.