Propellerhead announces a new line of rent-to-buy rack extension units

Let’s face it — subscription based selling is starting to peak its head among the music industry as a much more standard practice of selling when it comes to software. We caught our first glimpse of this after the launch of Avid’s ProTools 12 subscription plan, where you could own and use the software without paying upfront for it. The latest company to dive into this new form of selling is Propellerhead, the famous designers behind the digital audio workstation Reason and other high-end rack extension instrument plugins.

The idea behind this is very straightforward — for just $9.99 per month, you can choose from the wide variety of Propellerhead rack extensions and use them fully right away. When the full price of the software has been reached by your monthly payments, you stop making those payments and the extension is entirely yours to keep for life. Here’s another key component to this model the company has added in — if at any point throughout your rental period you need to pause your payments or stop making them all together, you can easily do that.

Availability and Price

Currently, Propellerhead has included only 5 rack extension units to its new rent-to-own idea:

  • Umpf Club Drums — Full Price $99
  • Layers — Full Price $99
  • A-List Acoustic Guitarist — Full Price $99
  • PX7 FM Synthesizer — Full Price $99
  • Parsec — Full Price $119

As mentioned above, the price per month to rent any of these is just $9.99, meaning that for the first four rack extension units, you would meet your buy price after 10 months of payments. And for the Parsec, you would have it paid off in full after just 12 months.

For a tone and the quality grade rack features that only Propellerhead can put out, this subscription model is truly a bargain, and if it does well, the company will likely be adding more of its rack extension units to the lineup. You can take advantage of this deal for yourself by heading over to Propellerhead’s website.