Presonus releases the Monitor Station v2.0

Presonus releases the Monitor Station v2.0

Today Presonus started shipping the second version of their popular monitor control station, Monitor Station V2. Apart from the obvious change of white to black, the new device offers a number of improvements over the first version of the Monitor Station.

Improvements include a more ergonomic design as well as a S/PIDF digital input. It also offers 4 stereo inputs, including 2 stereo balance TRS inputs and one unbalanced RCA aux input. Outputs on the device include 3 stereo balances TRS outputs, enabling you to A/B with different speakers. Lastly, the price of the Monitor Station will remain the same as the first version, $299, which is a steal for such a device!

Note that as of the 5th of May, 2014 the “buy” link below currently does not have the product, but it should show up very soon.

Source: Presonus

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