Antelope Audio

Antelope Audio was founded in 2004, and is known for building ultra high-quality and great-sounding audio interfaces. In particular Antelope has becom...[Read More]

Touch Innovations

Touch Innovations was founded in 2009 as a way to give producers and DJs the tools needed to create the music they want. It has fast become one of the...[Read More]


Samson Technologies is a music company founded in 1980 as a wireless microphone systems company. Now, the company is known for microphones, headphones...[Read More]

Allen & Heath

Founded in 1969, Allen & Heath mixing consoles have been used by a range of classic bands, including Pink Floyd. The company was acquired by Harma...[Read More]

Sound Performance Lab

SPL, or Sound Performance Lab, is a German company that creates a number of plugins for music production. SPL is well known for plugins like their Dru...[Read More]

Positive Grid

Positive Grid is a professional audio software and hardware best known for creating products like JamUp. Positive Grid is committed to creating and de...[Read More]


MixGenius is a company that started in 2012, and is aimed at removing technology barriers from the recording process. They are best known for their au...[Read More]


BrainWorx is a plugin company that is part of the Plugin Alliance group, and is known for a number of very high quality plugins.

Applied Acoustics Systems

Applied Acoustics Systems, better known as AAS, is a Canadian company that specializes in audio plugins and instruments for both Mac and PC. The compa...[Read More]