Focusrite releases the Saffire PRO 26 audio interface

Focusrite releases the Saffire PRO 26 audio interface

Today Focusrite released their new Saffire PRO 26 audio interface, offering 18 inputs and 8 outputs. The interface connects through FireWire, or through Thunderbolt if you get the FireWire to Thunderbolt adapter.

Focusrite is selling the interface based on it being compatible with Thunderbolt, which is technically true, but buyers should be aware that an adapter will need to be purchased separately.

The Saffire PRO 26 offers 24-bit/96kHz recording and is a great addition to the Focusrite lineup and is perfect for those who need a little more than Focusrite’s cheaper interfaces can offer. Check out the video below for more!

Source: Focusrite

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